Where To Buy Supreme On Sale, Under Retail

supreme on sale under retail

ad Any post that starts with “Supreme On Sale” or “Supreme Under Retail” usually links you to a Chinese Knock-off website, or a random reseller who has many box logo T-Shirts at a price that seems too good to be true.

Believe it or not, Supreme used to run 30% off sales on their own website at the end of each F/W or S/S season, but since their popularity has skyrocketed, these sales have stopped happening.

This hasn’t stopped eager resellers looking to make a quick profit from buying up Supreme inventory, even items that prove to not only not sell out, but not have any resale value. Supreme’s no return policy leaves these resellers with a choice: hold onto the product indefinitely, or sell it at a loss.

This is why Stock X is a great platform for buying Supreme under retail. Unlike eBay, the items shipped to Stock X are verified before being shipped to the buyer, so the risk of ordering a replica item is eliminated.

Better yet, they now make it easy to shop for Supreme items that drop BELOW retail price.

Click below to browse the under retail Supreme items:

About Stock X’s Supreme Offering:

From t-shirts to hoodies and box logos to skate decks, buy and sell all the latest drops and shop our back catalog from the most legendary streetwear brand ever, Supreme. Learn more about shopping on Stock X https://help.stockx.com/selling-on-stockx

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